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What's buzzin'

Enjoy our Summer Holiday themed events, starting with WILDLIFE EXPLORER!

Be a WILDLIFE EXPLORER (22 July - 6 Aug). Enjoy a variety of outdoor children's activities while our shop is closed for renovations. Later this Summer, join our BIG BUG BONANZA (7-13Aug), celebrate RAINFOREST CHAMPIONS (14-20Aug) or be a GLOBAL CITIZEN (21Aug-3Sept)...
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About rainforests

Biological diversity, cultural diversity and climate stability are just a few reasons why rainforests are important. Discover a different world of amazing plants, animals, ecosystems, human needs, economies and cultures at the Living Rainforest.... Read more

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved - from adopting an animal, volunteering or making a donation, to supporting rainforest conservation projects directly in Indonesia, Madagascar and the Amazon.... Read more

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About our charity

Learn more about the work done by The Trust for Sustainable Living... Read more