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Go tropical this half-term!

The Living Rainforest has planned a full schedule of daily events to help visitors get the most from their visit …

Agouti and Toucan Feeding Time

Azare’s agoutis are large rodents found in the rainforests and savannahs of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. They are known as jungle gardeners as they often bury nuts and seeds and forget where they put them, thereby helping new plants to grow. They are one of the very few animals that can open a brazil nut due to their strength and exceptionally sharp teeth.

As for the Toucans … come and see!

Ever played Adugo?

The Living Rainforest, funded by The Rediscover Project, is offering adults and children an insight into the rainforests of Madagascar and the ancient South American game of Adugo this Easter.

Monkey mania lures the ‘Playstation generation’

After a packed first weekend, The Living Rainforest is anticipating record visitors, as it promises an educational alternative to video games, surfing the Net and television this holiday season.

Love is in the air

With our Valentine’s Night event fast approaching, staff are noticing romantic inclinations amongst the animals and birds here at The Living Rainforest. The red-billed toucans, Tilly and Hopper, are becoming friskier: this is great news as it suggests that Tilly is now strong enough to breed. Staff are setting about building a nest box for the pair.

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