bananasBananas (Musa acuminata) are the world’s favourite fruit.

They are the biggest-selling food product in British supermarkets. However, of each £1 we spend on these fruits the original growers typically receive just 5p. ‘Fairly traded’ bananas are now becoming more widely available, and in buying them we can help to improve pay and conditions for the world’s banana workers.

Although in Europe we only eat this one variety, 40 wild banana species exist and over 300 varieties are grown. Wild bananas produce mainly small, inedible fruits which contain seeds. They usually grow in brightly-lit forest clearings and are pollinated by bats.

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  1. misty says:

    i luv this article im gonna put it on my blog and buy more fairtrade products

    kind regards Misty xxoxx

  2. WildAnimal says:

    OMG! I never knew there were so many types of bananas! I thought there was only one type, shows how much I know! Great Article xx

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