The giant millipede

In the wild, people have observed animals using natural substances in order to make themselves feel better. One such example, exhibited by primates across different continents, is the use of millipedes to eradicate skin pests.

Capuchins in Venezuela and lemurs in Madagascar have all been observed rolling millipedes around so that they release their defensive toxins. They then rub themselves all over with the millipede and even suck it, causing a narcotic effect.

Scientists have shown that the blend of chemicals released by the millipede do indeed repel insects and other pests. So, while these primates fight off unwanted guests, they receive a natural high in the process!

on 'The giant millipede'

  1. Mr Birtchnell says:

    if we were to visit the living rainforest, can or can we not hold the animals there?

  2. Karl Hansen says:

    sorry, no – we need to protect the animals. we’re not a petting zoo!

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