Bird-eating spider has moved

Bird eating spiderOurĀ Salmon-pink Bird-eating Spider has moved, but there’s no cause for alarm.

We’ve moved her to Amazonica House, to a new burrow exhibit between the turtles and terrapins and the Amazon River aquarium.

Our largest tarantula seems to like her new home. She’s busy laying trip wires everywhere, no doubt to welcome any new visitors …

on 'Bird-eating spider has moved'

  1. jacob says:

    how can I HELP!

  2. catriona says:

    Please can you tell me lots of infornation about plants and trees that grow in the rainforest and how i adopt an animal please.

  3. Karl Hansen says:

    To learn more about rainforest trees and other plants, click the ‘About Rainforests’ link at the top of this page. To adopt an animal, click ‘Support Projects’ on the same menu and then choose ‘Adopt and Animal’. Thanks and good luck!

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