Curious flower blooms at The Living Rainforest

Staff at The Living Rainforest are keeping a watchful eye on their rare Jade Vine leaf plant, which is due to burst into flower any day.

The exotic climbing plant, which flowered for the first time in three years in 2004, has 10 flower ‘spikes’. Staff at The Living Rainforest, which is funded by the ReDiscover venture, have found that visitors are intrigued by the ‘spikes’, unsure whether they are animal or plant, with some children assuming they are chrysalises. The mystery will be solved over the next week as each spike blooms separately into a spectacular deep blue-green flower.

The Jade Vine (STRONGYLODON MACROBOTRYS), native to the Philippines, is a member of the pea family and in risk of extinction in its natural habitat. Staff predict that the plant will bloom this week.

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