Great escape at the Rainforest

The Living Rainforest’s new animal curator, Mike Bungard, joined the team last Monday and was immediately presented with his first challenge… recapturing five escaped Two-Horned Chameleons!

The young creatures were originally confiscated by HM Customs and Excise at Heathrow Airport after being imported illegally, and are being looked after at The Living Rainforest. Once staff were happy that the creatures were in good health, they were given pride of place in an enclosure next to the Poison Dart Frogs. They were so keen to explore their new space they managed to squeeze through the mesh at the top of the enclosure, which was far smaller than their own bodies.

After spotting them climbing up an adjacent tree, Mike quickly caught them, refurbished their home and replaced them. We’re pleased to report they seem happy and healthy. Although we try to allow as many of our animals to roam free as possible, we need to be able to keep a closer eye on some creatures until they have grown big enough to look after themselves.

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