Magnificent Medinilla

Last week, we had a visit from a research student from Oxford Brookes University. She was studying the Medinilla magnifica plant (pictured in flower here). We expect our plant to bloom soon, perhaps in the early Spring, in Amazonica House.

Medinilla flowerThe researcher explained that she was studying the Medinilla from three different perspectives:

(1) deforestation of its native habitat in the Philippines,

(2) invasive species in Hawaii, and

(3) decorative plant in the UK.

Her feedback reminded us that each of the 700 or so species at the Living Rainforest has its own unique story to tell. Deforestation, invasion, decoration … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of our daily ignorance!

As for the Medinilla, we were inspired by the researcher’s acute interest in this one plant, and we’ll try to update readers if there are any new research developments to report.

on 'Magnificent Medinilla'

  1. Mrs Aniko Smith says:

    Just got a magnificent medinilla for my 40th birthday yesterday. We live in Scotland so would be interested about more from the decorative plant in the UK research. Could you pls tell me if I can get access somehow to findings?
    It is a gorgeous flower and would like to enjoy its beauty for along time.
    Many thanks

  2. Richmon Corres says:

    Im a biology graduate from an institution here in Philippines and my research thesis was all about the diversity of Medinilla magnifica..the results in different research parameter that i had used was very significant and i believed that can contribute to other researchers..but i found difficulties on how to publish publicly my research online for the benefits of other researcher that is inlined with such plant..i hope you can advise or even help me to this problem..tnx

  3. daza says:

    I’ve had the Medinilla Plant for about 1 year now. about 30cm high.
    I’m finding that its attracting a lot of little flying mites now that it getting close to summer.. Im still not sure when i’m excepted to see a flower yet. mm

  4. Nicola Evans says:

    Bought one of these from a garden centre today with little information on it (and misguided information from the guy that run the small centre/greenhouses). He told me it would thrive as a patio plant hmmmm….am guessing now it would be better as an indoor plant (luckily I have just the spot for it). However would love more information on how to keep it safe so that I can enjoy it for longer. It has 3 flowers at the moment. I have been told to spray it regular with water, is this still a good thing to do?

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