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Stories of Climate Change from the Caribbean

‘Journal fragments in a time of hazard’ By Kendel Hippolyte Kendel Hippolyte, a Saint Lucian poet, playwright and director, explores the impact of climate change across generations in the Caribbean –/–/2015 It’s weird, this climate change phenomenon. Creepy. Like rumours of an army that has encircled your town but you don’t actually see any soldiers. […]

Harry the Armadillo settling in

Harry the Armadillo settling in Harry the Six-banded Armadillo is settling in well into his new home at the Living Rainforest. After enjoying a few days of privacy to settle in, our new armadillo enclosure is now open for public viewing. Harry seems to enjoy spending hours and hours digging, and then digging some more. […]

Animal Adoptions

Animal Adoptions Animal Adoptions make fantastic gifts for all your friends and family, by providing them with exciting facts about our important rainforest species and an entry ticket to visit the rainforest to see their adopted animal! Our adopt an animal program helps us provide the best possible care for our animals. Many rainforest species are vulnerable and […]

Gift Tickets

Rainforest Gift Tickets Looking for an exciting, unique gift for the special people in your life? How about giving them the chance to explore a tropical rainforest without leaving the UK? Allow them the opportunity to experience free roaming birds and lizards, whilst exploring rare plants in a steamy rainforest atmosphere. We offer an amazing annual […]

Our Goeldi’s Monkey turns 21 years old!

Our Goeldi’s Monkey turns 21! Today we wish happy birthday to our female Goeldi’s Monkey ‘Sooty’, who turned 21 years old. According to European guidelines, the eldest Goeldi’s Monkey on record is 21 years old and 11 months. ‘Sooty’ has been with us for a number of years and given birth to 9 sons, 5 […]

Berkshire Maestros “Christmas Jingles in the Jungle”

Berkshire Maestros “Christmas Jingles in the Jungle” The Living Rainforest are now proud supporters of three junior music groups from the Berkshire Maestros. On Saturday 7th December, we welcome the Berkshire Maestros talented young musicians to the rainforest, who will be performing their “Christmas Jingles in the Jungle”. Come and join these young musicians at The […]

Giant Amazon water lily is back!

Giant Amazon water lily is back! Our famed Giant Amazon water lily is back on the main pond – and we’re hoping to see its trademark huge leaves from around mid-August to early November. The famed plant was transplanted to the pond last week and is growing small leaves at the moment. As the summer advances and […]

This Half Term – Explore ‘behind the scenes’

This Half Term – Explore ‘behind the scenes’ at the Living Rainforest If you fancy getting a behind the scenes look at life the Living Rainforest, please join us this half term for an activity packed calendar of holiday events, including: Rainforest tours ‘Life of a Keeper’ tours Feed the animal sessions Children’s workshops and […]

Learn more about native species this Easter

Learn more about native species this Easter This Easter (March-April 2013), our holiday events programme will focus on Native Species. So in addition to enjoying the warm temperatures in the Living Rainforest’s tropical glasshouses, we invite you to learn more about species closer to home such as Slow Worms, Birds, Bats, Red Kites, Bees and Butterflies. […]

In a sustainable world, it is nature that sets the limits

In a sustainable world it is nature that sets the limits By Ola Ullsten Based on a speech delivered in London on 10th October 2012 This fall it`s 50 years since Rachel Carson published her famous Silent Spring. The book was a fierce attack on what she thought was an indiscriminate use of DDT and other chemical […]

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