About our Charity

The Living Rainforest is operated and run by the Trust for Sustainable Living. TSL wants the next generation to be inspired to imagine, and equipped to achieve, a sustainable future.

Education in context

The Living Rainforest strives to make learning about life fun. Visitors are immersed in real rainforest experiences. Our interpretation links plants, animals, ecosystems, human needs, economies and cultures. We aim to delight and challenge, building on the incredible biological and cultural diversity of planet Earth.

The Living Rainforest offers a unique educational visit for people of all ages to learn how the future of tropical rainforests and other ecosystems is closely connected to human lives and lifestyles.

We also conduct occasional events and interviews on tropical rainforest related issues. Past activities have included a conference on scientific and indigenous knowledge in the Colombian Amazon and an interview with the Prince’s Rainforests Project.

Sustainability in action

Wherever feasible, The Living Rainforest acts as a sustainability demonstration centre and incorporates sustainable building materials, construction techniques and renewable energy sources into its own buildings and operations.

The Trust for Sustainable Living hosts occasional conferences and events on contemporary sustainability subjects. Wherever possible, we promote cultural transformation toward more sustainable living.

We work in partnership with a broad range of other organisations to help achieve our goals.

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About our charity

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