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Numerous documents were produced during the lifetime of the project. Below you will find a selection of the major ones. You are free to download them, but please remember that copyright resides with the authors/producers. Please also note that some of these documents are quite large and may take time to download. We hope they make interesting reading. Any comments or questions should be directed by email to


Life05 ENV UK000998 Integrated Greenhouse Project – Layman’s Report – January 2009 (1.2 Mb) This a layman’s summary of the project in MS Word format

Prototype II – Heat Pump Definition Study – November 2007 (1,6 Mb) This is a report in pdf format produced by a company in the Netherlands (Groenholland) which assisted in modelling the heat pump and ground source heat exchanger components of the design. The report models the proposed mechanism and suggests appropriate sizing.

Conference / seminar materials

Realising the Promise of Bioenergy: Commercial and Practical Issues (international conference) presentation: ‘Greening the Greenhouse’ by Karl Hansen, Oxford, UK – September 2006 (1 Mb)

Horticultural Development Council, Protected Crops Panel presentation: ‘Welcome to The Living Rainforest’ by Karl Hansen, Berkshire, UK – November 2007 (900 Kb)

Green Week: Past Lessons, Future Challenges (international conference) exhibit hall presentation: ‘The Integrated Greenhouse Project’ by Lisa Mather, Brussels, Belgium – June 2007 (2.6 Mb)

GreenSys 2007: High Technology for Greenhouse System Management (international conference) presentation: ‘The Living Rainforest Sustainable Greenhouses’ by Gerard Bot, Naples, Italy – October 2008 (1.8 Mb)

GreenSys 2007: High Technology for Greenhouse System Management (international conference) paper: ‘The Living Rainforest Sustainable Greenhouses’ by Gerard Bot, Karl Hansen, Andrew Logan, Henk Witt and Feije de Zwart, Naples, Italy – October 2008 (1.5 Mb)

Greening the Greenhouse: Designing a Carbon Neutral Future (conference) materials and presentations, The Living Rainforest, Berkshire, UK – April 2008: (These items are available from our seminar downloads page)

  • Conference Agenda
  • Speaker Biographies
  • Gerard Bot, Wageningen University, The Netherlands: ‘Greening the Greenhouse – general considerations’
  • Gareth Edwards-Jones, University of Bangor, Wales: ‘The life cycle of horticultural food production – horticultural carbon emissions in context’
  • Feije de Zwart, Wageningen University, The Netherlands: ‘Greening the Living Rainforest’
  • Andrew Logan and Karl Hansen, The Living Rainforest, UK: ‘Integrating Issues – so much for the theory, what about the practice?’
  • Chris Plackett: FEC Services, UK: ‘Alternative energy sources and their applications: what are the options for the UK grower?’
  • Richard Harnett, Kernock Park Plants, Cornwall, UK: ‘A grower’s experiences with wood-chip heating for glasshouses’

Low Carbon Buildings Programme 2 (opening event) presentation: ‘Greening the Greenhouse at The Living Rainforest – From Biomass to EC Flagship?’ by Karl Hansen – June 2008 (2.2 Mb)

Sample dissemination materials

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