Project Timeline

Note: The Integrated Greenhouse Project terminated on 30th November, 2008. The information below may be of interest to others wishing to build a low-carbon glasshouse.  

The Living Rainforest’s visitor centre will be kept open throughout construction of the Green Greenhouse, providing visitors with a rare opportunity to see what is practically involved in the installation of technologies being used, such as the Vertical Soil Heat Exchanger (VSHE) ground source heat array.

The proposed build sequence is as follows

Summer 2007

  • Customer reception area relocated to the exhibition walkway, at the front of the building

Autumn 2007

  • Architectural drawings and specifications for the Green Greenhouse (phase 2 of the Integrated Greenhouse Project) complete and construction out to tender

Early 2008

  • Relocate staff to a position outside the build area
  • Partition the car park to isolate public parking from construction traffic
  • Demolish redundant buildings, removing resulting building material in an eco friendly manner (e.g. separating glass for recycling etc.)
  • Erect new glasshouse structure, office space and animal/plant areas
  • Install VSHE system and integrate newly constructed buildings with the Human Impact Building.

Summer 2008

  • Move staff from temporary accommodation into new office space
  • Populate new house with flora and fauna
  • Begin collection and analysis of Integrated Greenhouse heating system data

End 2008

  • Produce report on the application of the Integrated Greenhouse Project to horticulture practice

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