Astounding Adaptations Tour

Ever wondered why the Swiss Cheese Plant has holes in its leaves? Why are some animals so brightly coloured? Join us for a journey into the ‘Adaptations’ of some of our rainforest plants and animals, and learn how they have adapted to suit life in a rainforest environment. (Please sign-up for a tour at reception – Numbers limited to 15 max) Tour free of charge but any donations would be welcome.

on 'Astounding Adaptations Tour'

  1. sue pearson says:

    Hi – the swiss cheese plant is well suited to the rainforest due to the holes letting light through as it is very dark, pointed tips to help with the rain dripping off the leaves, green, waxy leaves so they don’t go soggy and mouldy – anything else I’ve missed? Thanks Sue

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This event occurs once at 3.00pm.

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