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As we now understand, humanity’s impact on the planet’s ecosystems over the last 200 years has been devastating. With the simultaneous growth of human populations, the global economy and the ecological crisis, it has become abundantly clear that all life is inter-connected and all actions make a difference.

Wildlife Bank this wayGovernments are responsible for the ‘heavy lifting’ – creating the right policies and infrastructure for sustainable living – but everyone has a role to play. The key challenge is to reduce our ecological footprint. In the UK today, most people live a ‘3 planet lifestyle’ so we need to find greener lifestyles which put less strain on the planet.

Journeys to sustainable living

The Trust for Sustainable Living works to support people on their journeys toward more sustainable lives. Our activities include:

School tourSchool visits to the Living Rainforest

20140711_115626TSL International Schools Essay Competition and Debate



vince cableTSL Interviews

Human Impact Building patioDemonstration projects

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