KS2 Prize Winners

First Place: James Fisher


How on earth can we save the rainforest?

Rainforest Destruction has been a global problem for years and something needs to be done about it.   Why is it such a massive problem?  Why can’t we just solve it?

There are many reasons for us to save the rainforests. They home huge populations of the worlds animal and plant species.  Many life saving medicines can be found here and only here.  The eco system keeps the Earth from heating up so that the ice caps do not melt.

I think the major problem is MONEY.  The poor people in the rainforests need money and so the only way they can make money is by either chopping down the forest to use the wood or to clear the rainforest for cattle to graze.

I think that if we were to introduce a GLOBAL RAINFOREST TAX to try and raise money for these people to farm in a way that does not harm the environment, but still pays them enough to live.  This money could be taken from salaries around the world, as the rainforest destruction is a GLOBAL PROBLEM.

If we were to educate these farmers properly then they too would understand completely the massive impact their present farming is having on the world as a whole.

I would like to introduce a website called ForestBook, based on Facebook it will allow people to type in questions freely and they will be answered by an expert in their home country.  People would also be able to watch videos of rainforest projects that being funded by eco friendly companies that could sponsor Forestbook.  This can help educate people in rainforest awareness and understanding climate change on the world.  As it is an international website people can type to each other from different countries.  So we can have a greater understanding of other peoples’ perspective on a certain problem.

I would like to see the Supermarkets selling more foods that help the rainforests, than products that are made in the rainforests and therefore destroying it.  Supermarkets have the ability to show people what is good for the rainforest and what is bad for the rainforest, and help people make good choices for the environment.

I think that Rainforest destruction is bad and there should be should be other jobs for the local people so that they don’t destroy their homes and repair the damage that has been done.

Second Place: Niamh Donohue


How On Earth do we save the rainforest?

The rainforests are the diamonds of our earth, the jewels of the universe. We should be celebrating their very existence on our planet, instead we are destroying them and with that killing ourselves…

You shouldn’t just think about the rainforest for a week or a month think about it all day everyday! You can’t stand back and let officials and celebrities look like the only people who care because even though you may not have the money to find different countries and meet tribes it still doesn’t mean that you don’t care just because you can’t splash the cash! Sadly even though you care and give your £1 or more a month just by not thinking about what you eat could be damaging the rain forest 10x as much just by buying products that may contain harmful substance such as palm oil; a substance in many products like chocolate.

We need to alert people of the dangers they are putting themselves in by being careless when shopping for food, clothes and furniture. One of the things we could do would be to make harvesting wood from the Rainforest more expensive and illegal in all countries this may not be on any government agenders but it is certainly a matter of global concern. Secondly we could have a clear label on Rainforest friendly products and for the non-Rainforest friendly products to become more expensive when needed.

Education is one of the key factors that will help with the fight for Rainforest conservation around the world. If we Educate adults and children they will not have to face the prospect of underpayed logging work, farmers will be able to plan how they can make more money without harming the worlds Rainforests or the enviroment.

Third Place: Tara Desai


How on earth can we save the rainforest?

I am a nine year old girl living in Dubai. I live basically 50million miles away from the Amazon, and I know that just turning off taps is not going to save the rainforest. Everyone knows the rainforest is being destroyed, everyone knows we have to save it, but there’s no easy answer. Between 1960 and 1990, 20 per cent of the tropical rainforest was cut down. Even now, with it being one of the bigger problems in the world, a chunk of rainforest the size of England is cut down every year.  So what can we do to stop or change what is happening?

The first thing we need to do is find other ways to make money from the rainforest. The rainforest is being hacked down to make money.  Poor farmers are selling their land to companies because they need money, and who can blame them for that?  These companies cut down trees for the wood and then turn the land to cattle ranches or palm oil plantations because this is how they make money. How can we stop this? Should we pay farmers not to cut down trees and stop farmers selling their land to these companies?  Why don’t we educate local people about why they shouldn’t destroy the rainforest and make sure they know about the wonderful treasures the rainforest may hold which also could make them money? We also need to think about what we buy and not buy things from companies who destroy the rainforest so that their business fails.

Another thing we can do is protect the rainforest that is left.  We should build special reserves and protected areas for plants and animals so we don’t lose all the research and undiscovered facts.  Encourage ecotourism so that more people can discover the rainforest and then also want to save it. In addition we should explore the medical uses of the plants there so that we have a great reason to keep the rainforest.

The strongest thing we can do is protest.  This can be big or small, every bit counts. We should write letters to newspapers and governments complaining and protesting. We should spread the word so that more people protest and then they will think twice about letting the rainforest disappear.

This essay is my protest, and I hope that it will make a difference. 

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