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How on Earth Can We Save the Rainforests?

The world’s rainforests have been disappearing at an alarming rate for many decades. However, there are now signs that people are waking up to how important rainforests are for ensuring healthy ecosystems, economies and lives – and exploring new ways of making conservation a reality.

Of course, recognising that rainforests should be saved and actually saving them are very different things. The vast majority of Internet material is geared toward the former, or to specialist audiences, or to raising donations for conservation groups. However, we’ll do our best to help make sense of the challenges involved. The following websites and recommendations may help …

The competition & debate has now closed (watch for its return in 2012!). In the meantime, the discussion has moved to ‘Forestbook’ and other online forums …

Forestbook (a hosted discussion page on Facebook)

International Year of Forests

International Year of Biodiversity

Mongabay for kids and general visitors

The Living Rainforest ‘Sustainable Future’ tour and school visits

The Bank of Natural Capital (built around UNEP’s recently released study on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, or TEEB)

Rainforest news reporting – Some of the best and clearest material is produced every day by environmental journalists. We recommend that students search online for ‘rainforest news’.

Good luck!

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