Messages from Primary Schools Debate

The following is a selection of messages developed by primary school children attending the International Schools Debate at The Living Rainforest on 16 May 2012.

  1. Children should be heard! – Nourhan
  2. Every time you cut down a tree, replant 2 more. – Thea
  3. Don’t take water for granted, only use it when you really need to. – Max
  4. Use a bike or walk instead of driving your car everywhere. – Oliver
  5. Don’t take too many holidays that are on planes. –Charlotte
  6. We must include sustainability in our education systems. – Kehkashan
  7. The effect of deforestation puts animals, bird and insect species in jeopardy and in danger of becoming extinct. – Molly T.
  8. People should think about the future, and children only looking at pictures, if trees and animals go. – Charlie W.
  9. How would humans feel to live as animals? – Pia
  10. Poverty should become a bigger issue. – Eva
  11. There is no excuse to throw your rubbish on the floor, there are bins all around you. – Molly
  12. Use the 3 R’s so people can have the same things in the future as we do now. – Sarala
  13. You should encourage people to act instead of stand and watch. – Issy
  14. Save the Flowers. – Sophie

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