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Dear Mr. UN Secretary-General …

Almost twenty years ago, the world’s governments and major environment and development organisations assembled in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the largest global eco-conference ever held – the Rio Earth Summit of 1992.

Many promises were made and, in the intervening time, many promises were broken. Unfortunately it has proven difficult to live up to the grand vision of ‘sustainable development’ which everyone agreed was necessary. Now, almost two decades later, preparations are underway for the ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit. Here are a few web links which may help teachers and students to grapple with some of the key issues and themes:

Rio+twenties – a European NGO which facilitates youth participation in Rio+20. Recently published a very useful Participation Guide to Rio+20 which can be downloaded here (PDF, 1.83 MB).

Road to Rio+20 – a coalition of over 50 partner organisations from around the world, helping to realise the potential of the 2012 Earth Summit by supporting youth involvement. The Living Rainforest joined this coalition in February 2012. We also recommend Rio+20 Education, a sister project from Peace Child International.

UN-CSD Youth Caucus, or Major Group for Children and Youth – an international coalition of children and youth, established at the first Earth Summit under ‘Agenda 21’. Individuals under 30 and youth-led groups can join by subscribing to the mailing list,

Rio + 20 ‘Making It Happen’ newsletters plus Rio + 20 ‘Making It Happen’ newsletter – Youth Edition (from the conference organisers)

Environmental news reports – Some of the best and clearest material is produced every day by environmental journalists, e.g. this recent Guardian report. Search online for terms like ‘rio+20’ and ‘sustainable development’ for up-to-date news and analysis.

Living Rainforest ‘Sustainable Future’ tour and school visits

Good luck!

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