Judging & Scoring Criteria

2013 International Schools Essay Competition –

‘Who is responsible … are we ready to take responsibility for the future of our planet?’

This year’s competition is about the ACTORS needed to create a more sustainable future.

As such, the main emphasis should be on answering the question of WHO is (or should be) responsible for doing what, in different groups and parts of the world, to create a more sustainable future.

The essays will be allocated marks according to the following scoring system:

0=Unsatisfactory; 1=Satisfactory; 2=Good; 3=Very Good; 4=Excellent/Exceptional

with scores weighted across three broad categories:

1. Comprehensiveness and clarity in answering the question (weight 50%)

2. Innovative and creative thinking (weight 25%)

3. Potential to contribute to a broad-ranging and constructive international debate (weight 25%)



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