Primary Schools 2013

1st Place: Zeph Luc Subran-Ganesh – Responsibility Begins With Me

Ganesh Home School

Trinidad and Tobago

Our home, the Earth provides us with a beautiful natural environment that can be damaged by natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes. However, it is man’s own destruction that is most worrisome. Presently, we are witnessing the devastating effects of climate change which seem almost irreversible. But this situation, though bleak has to stop. I stand firm that change begins with me and I accept responsibility for the earth’s future.

Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) is a new phrase I learnt about when doing my research. To me it means that we must demand that manufacturers make safe products that do not have toxins that would harm our bodies or the environment. They must also use as little natural resources possible during the making of the products. If they do not do these things, then we must not buy these products and eventually they would change their minds and make safe products in an efficient manner. We need food; clothing and shelter for survival and to get these things we have to use resources. Therefore, we must use the earth’s limited resources wisely so that they can be available for future generations.

Presently, as degradation of forests continue more species of animals and plants are becoming endangered such as pandas, leopards and plants that are used in medicines. We must follow the example of monks in Cambodia who work tirelessly with community groups and government agencies to protect their forests. Additionally, indigenous peoples should not be forced out of their communities just for the sake of development. The media should highlight their plight to ensure their survival just like any other person or group and we could learn about their ways of doing things, too. Scientists must work together and share data to have new and better inventions.

I believe the key to success is a variety of persons sharing their knowledge and ideas at a community, national, regional and eventually international level through international organisations such as the Living Rainforest and United Nations. Children, youths, women, business persons, government officials and anyone who has a view should be facilitated so that solutions can be fruitful. The fate of the earth depends on each one of its inhabitants, as individuals we cannot do it alone but united we can deal with the challenges of sustainable development and the Internet enables global communication in an instant.


2nd Place: Jake Lagan Gonzalez – Who takes responsibility?

Millbank School


In my opinion, every single person has a responsibility for taking care for the future of the planet Earth. The problems we are facing, such as global warming, pollution, war, flooding and poverty, affect all of us, so we all have a reason to contribute to the welfare of the world we live in.

The individual can help by performing many easy tasks, such as not littering, not using as much water and consuming less electricity; these are small changes, but they make a big difference. By consuming less energy from fossil fuels, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions, thus slowing the process of global warming. If we use up all the water in the reservoirs and then have a drought, we will be in serious trouble.

Scientist could think of possible solutions to problems such as global warming and rich countries can supply them with the financial resources, whereas the governments could make all tough decisions and lead society. Governments should listen to the experts and pass laws relating to these dilemmas, for example: imposing harsher penalties on big companies that cause pollution.

As some people might not be happy with these new laws, Governments should educate people on the necessity for stricter laws concerning the environment and ensure that children are taught about the importance of being environmentally friendly from an early age, by including it in the curriculum, in lessons such as science, or topic.

In conclusion I think that everyone should share responsibility for the future of our planet.


3rd Place: Max Matta – Who is responsible … are we ready to take responsibility for the future of our planet?

Jumeirah English Speaking School

Dubai, UAE

Who’s responsible for a sustainable Earth? There are three categories. Firstly, there are influential people such as educators. Secondly, governments and politicians who can pass laws and finally, everyday individuals; together, these members of the population need to maintain a sustainable Earth.

It is mandatory that influential people take responsibility for our Earth because people listen to them. Who knows what fatal tragedies will occur if these people don’t help? The media play a massive role in sustainability as they broadcast TV, radio, control newspapers and magazines. Unlike others, they can spread the word and urge people to take action. Educators play important roles in sustainability, the reason being they can influence ethics and morals to young and old alike. Moreover, schools should have an environmental program where people enrol themselves in fascinating projects. In addition, businesses should go green and stop chugging out destructive gasses. Another responsibility factor is that items should be produced from recycled materials and companies advertise their ‘environmental’ products. Companies like this CAN make a difference.

Everyday individuals play an immense part in sustainability as there nearly 7 billion people in the world. That’s a whopping amount of us who MUST make a change. Your next door neighbour, your teacher, or even YOU must make a colossal difference to our planet. It’s essential that you: reuse, reduce recycle, consume less, don’t litter or pollute; the list is endless. Are you happy with the state of our planet? No, then go out and make a difference.

How are these problems created? It is the governments. They insist you listen to them and follow their rules. Governments such as those in China and USA inflict their powers on people. China has the highest level of traffic: 23.5% of the world’s carbon emissions! Britain has issues with litter, not addressed by the government. These countries must develop an environmental policing policy. Also, countries that desalinate water have to be stopped from dumping the salt back into the sea as it is extremely harmful to fish; many fish are already endangered. There should also be a tax for using too much water. Most of all, I believe that powerful countries should lead developing countries environmentally.

Millions of years ago, the earth was paradise populated with lush trees, rivers and animals. We must reverse the perilous problems that we created and ONLY we can fix. IT’S UP TO YOU!

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