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My plan to protect and manage our oceans, seas and marine resources

The web links below can be used as a starting point for helping teachers and children to explore marine conservation issues and begin developing imaginative plans.

UN SDG 14 – Oceans

UN SDG 14 Targets, Indicators and Progress – (see both the ‘Targets and Indicators’ and ‘Progress’ tabs)

UN Ocean Conference (5-9 June 2017) –, including Call for Action –

World’s Largest Lesson SDG 14 teacher resources (in association with UNICEF and UNESCO) –

Seychelles roadmap for a blue economy –

International Year of the Reef 2018 –

Global Islands Partnership –, and Case Studies –

Our Ocean Conference and Youth Ocean Forum (5-6 Oct 2017, Malta) –

As ever, we encourage students to actively explore the subject for themselves and develop their own views on the subject.

Good luck!

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