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In the Footsteps of the ‘Ecological Footprint’

In June 2010, TSL interviewed the co-creators of the ecological footprint concept, Bill Rees and Mathis Wackernagel, at a major conference in Tuscany, Italy. We asked them what it felt like to be the driving force behind a new global movement for change …

bill rees 1Bill Rees, Eco-Footprints and the Ecosphere

(June 2010)

mathis wackernagel 2Mathis Wackernagel, Eco-Footprints and Opportunities

(June 2010)


On Climate Change, Carbon and a Green Economy

Vince Cable was appointed Business Secretary of the UK Government in May 2010. We caught up with him before the General Election to ask his views on how to build a green economy in the UK during these tough financial times …

vince cableVince Cable on Climate Change, Carbon and a Green Economy, in association with Botanic Gardens Conservation International …

(March 2010)

What Future for the World’s Rainforests?

In the lead-up to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009, the Prince of Wales launched the Prince’s Rainforests Project in an attempt to drive rainforest conservation higher up the international agenda. We caught up with Tony Juniper and the Prince’s Rainforests Project at Clarence House in London …

tony juniper interview_8Seven Questions on Saving the World’s Rainforests

(May 2009)

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