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For more details on events at The Living Rainforest you can bookmark our Events Calendar here.

    • Sat 22/Jul/2017: Summer Holiday Events (22 July - 3 Sept)
    • Sat 22/Jul/2017: Family Craft Activities (changes daily)
    • Sat 22/Jul/2017: Rainforest Guided Tours
    • Sat 22/Jul/2017: Monkey Feed
    • Sat 22/Jul/2017: Animal Talk, Walk or Feed (theme varies daily - see details below)
    • Mon 14/Aug/2017: Summer Events Theme: RAINFOREST CHAMPIONS (14-20 August)
    • Mon 21/Aug/2017: Summer Events Theme: GLOBAL CITIZENS (21 August - 3 Sept)
    • Mon 21/Aug/2017: Rainforest Music Workshop with Max Hunt
    • Wed 23/Aug/2017: Face Painting with Sunny
    • Mon 28/Aug/2017: Rainforest Music Workshop with Max Hunt
    • Wed 30/Aug/2017: Face Painting with Sunny