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12 Green Days of Christmas

Have a greener Christmas this year with these 12 ideas



On the first day of Christmas – Support the conservation of mistletoe! There are concerns over the decline of mistletoe in the UK, which affects priority species such as the Mistletoe Marble Moth. Buy locally grown, organically sourced mistletoe, share a kiss and support conservation all at the same time.

On the second day of Christmas – Use locally sourced food where possible and choose items that have the least packaging. Take your own bags for the shopping and organise a car share for your big Christmas shop.

On the third day of Christmas – Recycle unwanted Christmas presents. Re-gift to someone you know would appreciate it, donate to charity or even sell it on. buys unwanted DVDs, CDs, games and books. Then use the money to buy a ‘green’ gift your loved one will love.

On the fourth day of Christmas – Make your own decorations. Use old papers, magazines, off cuts of paper, fabrics. Edible decorations can be made and hung on the tree such as gingerbread stars. Foliage from the garden can also make lovely table and mantelpiece decorations.

On the fifth day of Christmas – Give membership as a gift. Annual membership gives the family fun days out and the chance to spend quality time together. Eco Attractions are based around the country and offer a chance for the whole family to get closer to nature, visit to find the one nearest you.

On the sixth day of Christmas – Rent a Christmas tree. Over 8 million Christmas trees are thrown away after Christmas. Trees are grown with root balls in special pots in the ground. They can then be uplifted, rented in the pots and replanted when Christmas is over. So they can be reused year after year.

On the seventh day of Christmas – Give the gift of your time – offer to help someone with a task, or just gift them a day of your time for them to do what they want.  No waste and a chance to help someone out or spend some quality time with someone you love.

On the eighth day of Christmas – We all love Christmas lights. To make them a little greener switch to LED bulbs, or solar bulbs for outside lighting, and remember to turn off whenever possible!

goeldiOn the ninth day of Christmas – Get inspired by charity gifts – there are a number of charities that offer alternative gifts from adopting an endangered animal or supplying livestock to families in need. Choose something close to your recipient’s heart – whether it be money towards planting an allotment abroad, donations to start up an out of school football club or adopting an animal.

On the tenth day of Christmas – In the UK each household throws away on average an extra five bags of waste at Christmas. ** Look up inspiring left-over recipes to utilise as much food waste as possible rather than throwing it away e.g. stock, Christmas pudding strudel, fat balls for birds. Compost anything left over.

On the eleventh day of Christmas – Give experience gifts such as a day out, theatre trip or outdoor pursuits. Buy the gift to do together and spend some quality time doing something you both enjoy or learning a new skill. or

On the twelfth day of Christmas – Wrap it Green! In the UK we throw out enough wrapping paper to go round the equator nine times!* So if you do buy traditional presents avoid glossy or foil wrapping paper – stick to recycled paper or brown paper that can be taken out with the recycling or shredded and used on the compost heap. You can also make homemade tags from old Christmas cards or from brown paper for a beautiful vintage feel.

The Living Rainforest and Eco Attractions Group wish you a very merry Green Christmas!

To see what’s on at The Living Rainforest this festive season, please see our Events Page.


Eco Attractions Group is an alliance of leading British visitor attractions with a strong environmental theme. They bring adventure and education to life in inspirational environments. Members share a common goal of helping to connect people with the natural world and create a more sustainable future.

In addition to the Living Rainforest, the group includes the Centre for Alternative Technology, Eden Project, Garden Organic’s Ryton Gardens, Kew Gardens, National Botanic Garden of Wales, National Wildflower Centre, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, The Deep.

For further information on Eco Attractions Group go to

*The Guardian Sustainable Business Article

**CB Environmental

***GoCompare survey

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