Animal Adoptions

Animal Adoptions make fantastic gifts for all your friends and family, by providing them with exciting facts about our important rainforest species and an entry ticket to visit the rainforest to see their adopted animal!

Our adopt an animal program helps us provide the best possible care for our animals. Many rainforest species are vulnerable and threatened by habitat loss so by adopting an animal you allow us to support vital conservation work and educate people about the importance of rainforests.

Our personalised adoption pack includes,

  • A signed certificate of adoption
  • A large A4 glossy picture
  • A fact sheet about the adopted animal
  • Your name displayed at The Living Rainforest
  • A free entry ticket so you can visit your adopted animal!

They also make fantastic gifts by giving someone the satisfaction of helping protect important rainforest species.

If you would like to adopt an animal as a gift or for yourself, please visit the ‘Visitor Information’ page.


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