Coming soon: Harry the armadillo!

Harry the armadilloHarry the Six-banded Armadillo has now moved into his new home in the Rainforest.

It’s a big change for him and he is being very shy at the moment, so we are giving him a few days of privacy to settle in before opening the enclosure up for public viewing.

Look out for more updates soon …

on 'Coming soon: Harry the armadillo!'

  1. Roberta Edwards says:

    I am originally from Oxford, UK but have being
    living in the US for about 30 years; in that time
    I have had the opportunity to see Armadillos and
    find them extremely fascinating. I am planning a
    trip home soon and want to know is this Rain Forest
    accessible for persons using wheelchair (liteweight
    manual). Thanks.

  2. Karl Hansen says:

    Hello and yes, most of the Rainforest is wheelchair accessible including the armadillo viewing area. We look forward to welcoming you.

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