2014 essay competition registration now open

Schools and teachers are now invited to register for the 2014 International Schools Essay Competition and Debate: What does ‘sustainable living’ mean to you?

Schools/Teachers – register here

Winners' Trophies 2013

Winners’ Trophies 2013

Teacher Champions have until 10th February 2014 to submit their students’ essays.


on '2014 essay competition registration now open'

  1. ashis himali says:

    Hi there
    I want my younger brother to apply for the International Schools Essay Competition 2014.

    But most of the applying procedures relates with the teacher and school only.Can’t I help for him for the register details as his mentor?

    Is it just the school and teacher required for the submission?

  2. Karl Hansen says:

    It should be his teacher/school or parent or legal guardian.

  3. Coco says:

    Please let me know in what circumstances parent or legal guardian can submit his/her children’s essay and how to register?
    As a parent I have contacted the English teacher at school, but she said that she is very busy because she is the only permanent English teacher at school and the temporary teachers are not allowed to register as a teacher.
    Thank you

  4. Karl Hansen says:

    In that case, the child’s Parent can act as Teacher Champion and register directly on our website – https://www.livingrainforest.org/explore/schools-debate/school-teacher-registration/. When a child’s school does not wish to be involved, the parent can simply register as a ‘home school’.

  5. Shreejita says:

    How will we know whether we are selected for the competition or not?

  6. Karl Hansen says:

    All registered Teacher Champions will be notified on 2 April, and a further public announcement will be made.

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