Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal

Goeldi familyMany rainforest animals are threatened by habitat loss and over-exploitation. Animal adoptions make a positive difference by supporting vital education and conservation work and by helping to ensure that the animals at The Living Rainforest receive the best care possible. Animal adoptions also help support our participation in international breeding programmes for threatened species.

The Living Rainforest currently offers adoptions for the following animals: Sloth, Pygmy Marmoset, Goeldi Monkeys, Water Dragon, Stingray, Currasow and the Salmon Pink Bird Eating Spider.

Each animal adoption costs £40.

Gift adoptions are also available and make great Christmas, birthday, anniversary and other presents. Please email us here to request your adoption

Adopt an animal & receive…

  • The satisfaction of helping to care for and protect important species
  • A signed adoption certificate
  • A free visit to The Living Rainforest to see your adopted animal
  • Your name displayed at The Living Rainforest
  • An adoption pack including a photo and information sheet about your chosen animal
  • A small gift item from the Living Rainforest shop

Animal adoptions are easy – to adopt an animal, please send us an email

Animal adoptions for schools

Schools can adopt animals too! This is a great way to learn more about the rainforest and its animals. A schools adoption costs £40.00, and your class will receive:

  • An adoption pack, with a photo, information sheet about your adopted animal and the animal department at The Living Rainforest
  • A signed adoption certificate
  • Your school name displayed at The Living Rainforest

If you’d like to adopt an animal with your class, please send us an email

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