Keeper Experience (Adult or Junior)

  • adopt-two-toed-slothWhat animals can I choose for my Keeper Experience? All of our animals are available for Keeper Experiences, but the nature of the interaction may vary according to the age of the recipient and the temperament of the animal. Please note, our free ranging animals are not always co-operative and it cannot be guaranteed that they will be visible when you visit. However, the keepers know their habits better than anyone and will do their best to find them when possible. Please see below for restrictions that may apply.
  • Can I feed the sloth on my experience?¬†Sloths are classed by the zoo licensing authority as animals capable of causing serious injury, and for this reason it is not possible for you to have direct contact with them. If requested, you will be able to accompany a keeper and take photographs as they feed the animal.
  • Can I buy a Keeper Experience as a gift? Yes you can. Simply let us know the name and age (if under 14) of the recipient and when you book the Experience we will leave the date blank. The recipient may then contact us to arrange a date at their own convenience.
  • What is the age limit for a Junior Keeper Experience? Children under 14 years of age are eligible for Junior Experiences. There is currently no minimum age limit, but the activities a child is able to participate in will vary with their capabilities.
  • What is the difference between a Junior Keeper Experience and an Adult Keeper Experience? Every Junior Keeper Experience includes one free accompanying adult place. The adult will be alongside the child (but not participating) for the entire duration of the experience.
  • Can I take photographs of the animals? We highly recommend that you bring a camera with you on your experience, but please leave behind any expensive or bulky equipment such as tripods and lenses. Many animals do not like flash photography so make sure you know how to turn off this feature on your camera.
  • Do I have to have an entry ticket for The Living Rainforest? No, Keeper Experiences include free entry to the rainforest for the whole day, but any friends or relatives with you will need a ticket to enter the rainforest (excluding one free adult with the Junior Keeper Experience). Entrance to our shop and caf√© are free to all persons.
  • What time does the experience begin? All experiences take place in the afternoon and normally begin around 2pm or 3pm. In Winter experiences may begin slightly earlier due to fewer hours of daylight.
  • Can I make a provisional booking before I pay? Provisional bookings can only be made for weekdays and not weekends due to restricted availability.
  • How many people can join the same Experience? We recommend no more than two people at a time. This is due to the small size of many of our enclosures and because most of our animals are kept in small groups. If there are more than two people in your group then each person gets to do less and we feel your experience is not as enjoyable.
  • Will I get to touch or hold the animals? You will not be able to touch or hold any of our animals unless the animal chooses to interact with you of its own free will. None of our animals are treated like pets and we prefer for them to choose how much contact they have with us. Whilst some animals are happy to approach people and take food from the hand, others prefer to maintain some distance from strangers. We can promise that you will get closer than you are able to as a normal visitor and have the opportunity for some excellent photographs without glass or netting between you and the animals.
  • How do I book an experience? To book your experience, contact us by email or telephone and let us know the following information: Name of recipient, age of any children, duration of experience requested (one or two hours), preferred animals to include and preferred dates. You can pay by credit or debit card over the telephone. Once your payment has been received, we will send an information letter confirming your booking and letting you know what to expect from your experience. A receipt will be provided on the day of your experience.


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