Kids at the Living Rainforest


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Explore the rainforest, and discover its wonders for yourself

Discover the wonders of the Living Rainforest! On your visit, look out for free roaming lizards, birds and butterflies - you never know where they will appear next! See some of the world's most popular foods, from bananas to coffee, cocoa and ginger... as well as plants that have changed the way we live today. Plus... monkeys, a crocodile and much more....
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Why rainforests are important

Species conservation, cultures and climate are just a few of the reasons why rainforests are important. Discover a different world of amazing plants, animals, ecosystems, human needs, economies and cultures at the Living Rainforest.... Read more

What you can do

Humanity’s impact on the planet’s ecosystems over the last 200 years has been devastating. With sky-rocketing population and consumption levels, it has become clear that all life is inter-connected and all actions make a difference.... Read more

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Learn more about the work done by The Trust for Sustainable Living... Read more