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Become a Sustainable Futures Champion

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new initiative called Sustainable Futures Champions – a membership scheme to help create a more sustainable future for our children.

We ask for an annual donation to join, in return there are a number of benefits including;

  • A free place to join your child and their teacher champion at our annual debate events (usually £90 for an additional adult)
  • Priority booking for your child to attend the debates
  • Networking opportunities with other Sustainable Futures Champions
  • Free entry to the Living Rainforest in the UK

But the main benefit is that you will be supporting the TSL essay competition and debates to continue, so that your child and other children can continue to benefit. You will also be supporting the project to develop and grow in the future.

At this year’s debates we saw huge enthusiasm to increase the impact of the competition. One striking and common comment is that the competition benefits not just the child and teacher attending the debates, but the whole family and school, and sometimes even the broader community back home.

The competition is also growing, from small beginnings we had over 1,200 essay entries this year, involvement from 77 countries, and around 200 people taking part in the events.

This is fantastic, but it does present us with a challenge of how to continue to fund the project and give enough staff time to it.

It costs at least £20,000 each year to run the competition and debates, and this will increase as participation grows. At the moment we fund this out of our own resources, but this is not sustainable in the long term as there are other calls on our resources as an organisation.

We also don’t have dedicated staff to run the competition and debates for us, the organising team do this work alongside their normal jobs. Again, this is not sustainable in the long term, especially as the competition continues to grow.

We know from our survey last year that there are some parents who would be willing and able to contribute. The Sustainable Futures Champions initiative has been set up as a way for those parents, and others who are interested, to make a financial contribution.

Please contact Ruth Larkin to find out more about how to join or fill in the form on the leaflet below and send it to us by email or in the post.

TSL Sustainable Futures Champions – how to join

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