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Behold the Jade Vine!

For a limited time only, visitors can see the unique, claw-like blossoms of the Jade Vine – from the Philippines’ archipelago – at the Living Rainforest glasshouses. The plant, which is a member of the pea family, does not flower every year.

In the wild, the Philippine Jade Vine is pollinated by bats. The bats apply pressure at the base of the petal, which releases pollen from the tip. Staff at the Living Rainforest mimic this 'bat behaviour' to pollinate the flowers.

The Jade Vine is unusual not only for the jade colour of its flowers, but also for the fact that it is pollinated by bats in the wild.

Unfortunately the story of its natural habitat is a sad one, with more than 93% of rainforests on the archipelago decimated by forest clearance by the year 2000. The Jade Vine is threatened with extinction due to extensive habitat loss, although recent indications are that the rate of loss has now slowed.


The Jade Vine is extremely rare in cultivation and the Living Rainforest is fortunate to have one of the best specimens in the UK.

on 'Behold the Jade Vine!'

  1. Samson LAUP says:

    Does the jade flower also poccess any other useful components, such as medical properties or it is just importance from the basis that it is a rare plant from the forest ?

  2. Karl Hansen says:

    We’re not aware of any medicinal uses but if anyone knows something we don’t, we’d love to hear from you

  3. Jo says:

    How beautiful! Thank you for giving us the chance to see such a rarity. Can’t wait to bring the kids.

  4. Sarah Venners says:

    We saw the Jade flower today and it is wonderful. A real beauty and well worth visiting to see.
    Great day out as usual – we were excited to hear that the scorpion is now a mummy – hopefully she is well and we look forward to seeing her again in the future! (my son is a scorpion fan!)

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