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Britain’s youngest jungle explorer learns the tricks of the trade

Eight year old Georgina Kimber had the experience of her life this weekend when she became a ‘jungle explorer’ at The Living Rainforest. Georgina won Children in Need’s ‘Be what you want to be’ competition, along with six other friends from Shaw-cum-Donnington primary school.

As part of her adventure, Georgina was allowed entrance to the jungle through passport control and had carefully taken her malaria tablets (Tic Tacs). She also applied some insect repellent (Vaseline) and took with her emergency rations, binoculars, a hat and magnifying glass.

Helped in her explorations by animal curator, Mike Bungard, Georgina was able to collect samples of butterfly wings, figs, cocoa beans, as well as meet indigenous jungle animals such as Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

“It was a great day with Georgina exploring the rainforest,” said Mike Bungard. “She was able to really get under the skin of the environment by feeding the monkeys, meeting a giant boa constrictor and a royal python. She’s one of the bravest expedition leaders we’ve seen for a while.”

At the end of her day in the jungle, and once safely through passport control, Georgina was given some jungle mementos, as a souvenir of the day.

Pupils from three schools in Berkshire and Basingstoke donated money to Children In Need to take part in the competition, which aimed to raise money to help disadvantaged children live a better life.

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