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Children’s Sustainable Development Goals proposed for UN Rio+20 Summit

At the International Schools Debates this week at the Living Rainforest, Berkshire, schoolchildren from the Seychelles, Malta, Nigeria, Canada and the UK developed their own version of the much-discussed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are expected to be a key outcome of the forthcoming Rio+20 Summit:

  1. Make environmental education fun and appealing
  2. No-go areas to protect biodiversity
  3. Emissions filters in all factories
  4. Listen to communities
  5. Make sure Rio+20 keep their promises
  6. Plant more trees to replace those cut down
  7. Greener energy for everyone, with incentives provided by government
  8. Eco taxes
  9. Better living and working conditions
  10. Long-term environmental policies, not short-term political gain

Learn more here.

As part of the lead-up to the UN ‘Rio+20’ Earth Summit, 885 children from 59 countries wrote open letters to the UN Secretary-General explaining what they think governments and world leaders should be doing to build a more sustainable future on planet Earth.

The winners of the international essay competition, Dear Mr. UN Secretary-General …, were invited to participate in the International Schools Debates at the Living Rainforest on May 16-17. The Grand Prize winner, Nardos Tilahun from New Zealand, will attend the Rio+20 Earth Summit in Brazil with a teacher and parent and Living Rainforest director Karl Hansen.

Read the prize winning essays.

on 'Children’s Sustainable Development Goals proposed for UN Summit in Rio'

  1. Maria Lourdes Attard says:

    Dear Mr. Karl Hansen,

    I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful Intenational Schools Debate event which took place on Thursday 17th 2012. The whole event was very well organized and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and all other people in your team for giving our children the possibility to voice themselves and thank you for guiding them to construct a list of 10 proposals which are expected to be a key outcome of the forthcoming Rio+20 Summit.The college looks forward to collaborate with the living rainforest on other similar projects in the near future. We also like to meet you in Malta to further discuss any possible educational programmes which Maltese students can participate in.

    Kind regards,
    Maria Lourdes Attard
    Teacher Champion of Amy Slater
    Maltese participant

  2. Shane Emilie says:

    Dear Mr Hansen

    The event was a success and all staff involved managed to put together a wonderful program. We enjoyed the tour in the forest and you are all working hard to keep the forest in a natural state ideal for the plants and animals species. I congratulate you all for that. I observed that most of the plants and some animals in the forest are also found in Seychelles and hope that you continue to add more species in the near future.

    Seychelles is open for networking with you as discussed and thank you again for making our voices heard.

    Kind regards
    Shane Emilie
    Environmental Education Unit
    Ministry of Education

  3. Sarah Ibanda says:

    I am impressed with the Children’s recommendations which are down to earth. I wish more countries in the developing world participated. It is in these countries where environmental degradation is rampart due to high poverty levels. Congratulations for this innovative initiative involving the young generation with environmental sustainability issues

  4. James Sieyes says:

    Dear mr hansen,
    Thank you so much for giving us a chance to express ourselves and show our ideas at a brilliant schools debate. It would be great if you could organise more of these events. It helped us expand our knowledge on the subject out of the school curriculum and it gave us an insentive to show our passion on this subject. On related topic, could you please send me the copy of my letter if you still have it. I have lost my copy and I would love to show it to my parents. Thank you
    James Sieyes,
    Oratory school, woodcote

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