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Jade vine spectacular this Easter

Our stunning Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) has begun to flower again in what looks set to be its most spectacular showing in years.

The woody vine is a leguminous perennial liana from the tropical forests of the Philippines. It is famed for its unusual emerald-coloured, claw-like blooms, which are pollinated by bats in the wild.

To see the Jade Vine in flower, it would probably be best to visit over the next two or three weeks.

In the wild, the Philippine Jade Vine is pollinated by fruit bats. The bats apply pressure to the base of the petal, which releases pollen from the flower tip. Staff at the Living Rainforest mimic this ‘bat behaviour’ to pollinate the flowers.


If you visit over the Easter holidays, you can also enjoy our ‘Rainforest Food’ themed events. To check what’s on (30 March – 16 April), see ourĀ Events Calendar. After the Easter holidays, we suggest you visit on a weekend, or on weekdays after 3pm when most of the school parties have gone.

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