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Ever played Adugo?

The Living Rainforest, funded by The Rediscover Project, is offering adults and children an insight into the rainforests of Madagascar and the ancient South American game of Adugo this Easter.

Visitors to the Berkshire-based attraction will be able to learn about the wildlife diversity of both Madagascar and the Amazon River Basin, from staff who have lived and worked in the two regions. They will also have the opportunity to learn about the conservation and sustainability projects which The Living Rainforest is currently undertaking in Madagascar, such as its work with local communities on amphibian diversity and education on sustainable land use.

Over the Easter weekend, children will learn traditional games like Adugo played by the Bororo Indians from the Meruri Villiage in Brazil. The game otherwise known as the Jaguar and dog, is a game of strategy that reflects their lifestyles. Adugo is a two-player board game, similar to chess, whereby a Jaguar takes on 14 dogs. In addition, there will be games such as Rainforest Marbles played by children living in the rainforests of South America and across the world.

As well as learning about Madagascar, there will also be a number of animal talks throughout the weekend. On Good Friday, children will be able to learn about the Chelonians (turtles, terrapins and tortoises), frogs and insects. On Saturday, experts will give sessions on Goeldi’s monkeys and toucans.

“This Easter we aim to show through games and talks that, despite the apparent cultural gap between rainforest dwellers and ourselves, the differences are actually not much more than skin-deep,” said Karl Hansen, director of The Living Rainforest

“As well as learning ancient games that can be reproduced at home, visitors will be able to hear about the role The Living Rainforest is taking with regards to ongoing conservation and sustainability projects in Madagascar,” he added. “We want visitors to have a fun Easter weekend but also to go home feeling they’ve learnt something about our planet and the fragile ecosystems that inhabit it.”

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