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Frogs Spawn involvement in Global Conservation Campaign

The Living Rainforest has stepped up its participation in worldwide amphibian conservation efforts with the publication of ‘Threatened Frogs of Madagascar’ – hot off the press this week.

Living Rainforest Zoological Curator, Mike Bungard co-authored the booklet in collaboration with the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Amphibian Specialist Group and the Madagascar Fauna Group (MFG), using one of the world’s significant hotspots for frog diversity to illustrate the beauty and importance of amphibians that are disappearing all around the world.

At an international level, zoos and associations, including The Living Rainforest, are setting up amphibian breeding facilities in a desperate attempt to slow the loss of species. To assist this and other amphibian conservation efforts, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) has declared 2008 ‘Year of the Frog’, supported by Sir David Attenborough, and has included ‘Threatened Frogs of Madagascar’ in its campaign material. The booklet is now being distributed throughout Europe and Madagascar, translated into four languages.

As Mike explains, ‘The global amphibian crisis has reached a critical point with many frog species facing extinction or being severely threatened in the wild due to habitat loss, pollution, climate change and a fungus known as chytrid. We are delighted to be playing such an important role in increasing awareness and support of conservation efforts, to improve the situation’.

The Living Rainforest will be focusing its species conservation efforts on amphibians, to link in with the EAZA campaign, and will play host to a programme of events and activities, including a high-profile Frog Symposium in September 2008.

Download the booket in PDF format by clicking here.

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