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Lush growth & animal activity

The recent sunshine has seen a flush of new plant growth at the Living Rainforest. There are new flowers on many of the Ginger plants and new buds on the Coffee trees. Just past the Crocodile Pit, there are some fantastic flower spikes on the bromeliads and large pink blossoms on the Philippine Medinilla. The Lobster Claw Plants and Cachibou, which produces wax used in cosmetics, are just starting to blossom. Bananas seem to be growing everywhere and the butterfly beds are awash with colour.

The birds and reptiles are active, and we are happy to announce the arrival of a male Bronze-winged Pigeon to accompany our female. In Lowland house, there is a new Forest Floor exhibit featuring Giant Millipedes, Hissing Cockroaches, Fruit Beetles and Giant Land Snails. (Please note that our frogs will be off-show until later this year, when the revamp of their enclosure is completed.)

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