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Music and light for the forest and people – Saturday 27th October

‘Voices for the Forest’ Imagine spine tingling harmonies, story telling and lanterns beside a tropical rainforest. Benefit Culture and The Living Rainforest make it real!

Benefit Culture and The Living Rainforest have teamed up to deliver a family event that will welcome the longer evenings with music and lanterns in the wonder of the rainforest.

Starting at 6pm and running until 9pm, Voices for the Forest is a special event to celebrate the ‘turning of the clocks’ powered by the amazing voices of Juliet Russell and Vocal Explosion, the poetic storytelling of Daniel Clark and the lyrical acrobatics of Mr Finn. It promises to be a feast for the ears and a magical evening.

Starting in the afternoon there will be lantern-making workshops where children and adults alike can build lanterns using the traditional method of withies and paper. It’s great fun and the lanterns and their owners will be invited to help celebrate the turning of the clocks at the evening performance.

As an added treat Juliet Russell will lead an afternoon voice workshop introducing participants to her trademark spine tingling harmonies in her friendly accessible style. Not to be missed!

The event has an important message and an equally important mission. All of the proceeds from Voices for the Forest will go to two great causes, The Living Rainforest charity and The Cambodia Trust. The Living Rainforest visitor centre, in Berkshire, offers a unique rainforest experience demonstrating how the future of tropical rainforests is closely connected to human lives and lifestyles, and assists a variety of conservation work. The Cambodia Trust works throughout S.E. Asia to help alleviate the suffering of those disabled by diseases like polio, and landmine injuries often caused by conflict fuelled by forest plunder. Say’s co-founder of the Cambodia Trust Dr Peter Carey “We work in countries where the average income is less than 50p a day. Disabled people are the poorest of the poor. Discriminated against at every level of society, they are seen as ‘useless’, a burden on the family and the community. By simply buying a ticket for Voices for the Forest you’re helping to change lives. It’s a beautiful thing!”

‘Conservation of the world’s rainforests requires effort on all of our parts’ explains Lisa Mather, Communications Officer at The Living Rainforest. ‘The Living Rainforest educates and inspires people to make a difference, provides funding for overseas conservation projects and demonstrates sustainable practices and building techniques to help people make choices that will benefit the planet. We hope that Voices for the Forest will give all involved the desire and confidence to change something about their lives, no matter how small.’

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