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New islands glasshouse appeal

IMGP3107We have an exciting plan to open a new rainforest glasshouse showing the unique rainforest environment of small island nations like the Seychelles.  You can help make our plans a reality by donating, every gift will be doubled by the Greenham Common Trust.

The exhibition will focus on small island nation rainforests because of their unique character and particular vulnerability – they are on the front line of the impacts of climate change through rising sea levels.

Visitors will get a sense of what it’s like to be in a real island rainforest.  There will be mangrove plants, a picture wall showing the coastline, indigenous animals, and hundreds of butterflies flying around freely (something that is not possible in the other glasshouses due to the free ranging birds and animals).

Educational displays will show information about the plants and animals and highlight the importance of these ecosystems – as well as the threats to them and the role visitors can play in protecting them.

This appeal has now finished and the new glasshouse has opened.

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