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Photography exhibition captures the Spirit of the Forest

Colombian Amazon based charity ‘Entropika’, is showcasing ‘Spirits of the Forest’, a stunning photographic exhibition, from 23rd June until 20th July, at The Living Rainforest, Hampstead Norreys.

This series of remarkable images, by Colombian biologist and photographer Nelson H. Pinilla Moreno, explores the traditional belief of the indigenous Tikuna people that ancient, spiritual guardians of the Amazon Rainforest, exist within every living creature and plant.

Lisa Mather, The Living Rainforest’s Events Officer says ’We are delighted to be exhibiting Nelson’s photographs, which will be admired by The Living Rainforest’s many visitors over the next month. The new exhibition walkway, opened at The Living Rainforest last year, creates a wonderful backdrop for exhibitions of this kind, exploring the relationships between the rainforests of the world and the indigenous communities who live alongside them. We wish Entropika every success with this exhibition and hope that it will not only raise their profile but also further their conservation aims.’

Liz Tyson, Director of Entropika, explains, ‘This series of images, developed in conjunction with one of the elders of the San Martin de Amacayacu Tikuna community, attempts to show the spiritual world of the forest via means of photography, creating an interesting and unusual convergence of photographic record and the ancient and intangible beliefs of the Tikuna people. With its focus on sustainability and rainforest conservation, I can think of no better place than the Living Rainforest for the photographs to be seen’.

The exhibition was launched at the ‘Meeting of Minds’ conference at The Living Rainforest on Friday, which brought together experts, educators and interested individuals from Colombia and the UK to discuss science and indigenous knowledge in the Colombian Amazon. Speakers included world-renowned botanist and former director of Kew Gardens, Professor Sir Ghillean Prance and Colombian scientists and leaders from the Tikuna community.

For more information please contact Lisa Mather on 01635 202444 ext 10 or email

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