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Be a Rainforest Food Explorer

This Easter, be a Rainforest Food Explorer (30 March – 16 April) at the Living Rainforest.

Join us as we go crazy for Chocolate, Tropical Fruit and, for the more adventurous at heart, Insects!

* Chocolate Tasting – Learn about different types of chocolate and ways to buy more sustainable chocolate.
* Fruit Tasting – Explore tropical fruits and learn about the benefits of eating different fruits.
* Insect Tasting – Sample mealworms, buffalo worms, and ant and cricket flour.


* Guided Rainforest Tours – book your spot at Main Reception on arrival.
* Animal Talks & Walkarounds – follow the events link below to see what’s on.
* Rainforest Music Workshops – weekdays between 11 AM and 3 PM.
* Sustainable Futures exhibit – explore our new exhibit in the Human Impact Building and take an interactive journey from Rainforest Life to Sustainable Life.

To help plan your visit and see what’s on each day, see our Events Calendar.

See you at the Living Rainforest!

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