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See King and Queen of the Colombian Amazon

Centre’s prized plants to receive special visitors from the Colombian Amazon in June 2007

The Living Rainforest is home to over 600 stunning species of plants and animals, but none are more majestic or mysterious than the King and Queen of the Colombian Rainforest.

The King and Queen Anthuriums (Anthurium veitchii and Anthurium warocqueanum) sit in the hot humid undergrowth of the Lowland Rainforest House, nestled among other species, a few arms’ lengths apart.

Their giant, heart-shaped leaves cast long faces, measuring about one metre in length. Each leaf stands virtually upright, drip tips pointing to the forest floor below.

The King and Queen have very different leaf surfaces. The Queen Anthurium’s leaf is a velvety dark green, crossed with prominent white veins. The King Anthurium’s leaf is densely quilted and furrowed with countless gullies to usher away heavy rain. The King and Queen mirror one another as if in conference.

The King and Queen Anthuriums are part of The Living Rainforest’s stunning Aroid collection, one of the highlights of the centre’s ecological displays.

Children on school tours walk past in hushed silence, fascinated by the different patterns and shapes of the leaves. Nowhere else in the United Kingdom can visitors see so many prized Aroids on public display.

In June 2007, the King and Queen Anthuriums and the rest of The Living Rainforest collection will receive special visitors from the Tikuna region of the Colombian Amazon. Their intention is to create links between the Colombian Amazon and the UK in order to help conserve the area’s unique rainforests.

Please contact The Living Rainforest for further information about the upcoming conference ‘A Meeting of Minds … Science and Indigenous Knowledge in the Colombian Amazon – Converging Perspectives’ on 22 June 2007, or the upcoming ‘Spirits of the Forest’ Photo Exhibition exploring Tikuna beliefs about spirit guides and guardians of the forest, on show at the visitor centre from 23 June to 20 July 2007.

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