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The Living Rainforest hosts ‘Frog Awareness Day’

The first ever ‘Frog Awareness Day’ will be taking place on June 24th – 25th at The Living Rainforest, an ecologically-focused family attraction in Berkshire, funded by The ReDiscover Project.

The aim of the day is to inform visitors about the importance of frogs and how their populations can be used as a barometer for the health of their habitat. Frog populations that show high levels of disease or have decreasing numbers can often be viewed as a signal that their environment is deteriorating.

“By studying frogs populations we hope to get a vital insight into the crutial changes that are happening to ecosystems both locally and globally” said Mike Bungard, Animal Curator for The Living Rainforest

“The frogs we study are often species that are smaller than your little finger nail so they are very sensitive to changes in temperature, rainfall or chemicals. It is for this reason it is vital to protect them,” added Bungard.

The day will be centred around The Living Rainforest’s frog enclosure, believed to be the largest in the UK. The extensive collection contains over eight brightly coloured and endangered species, including the increasingly rare, vibrantly coloured Golden Mantella frog, native to Madagascar. Activities include model making, a Spot the Frog competition and talks throughout the weekend highlighting The Living Rainforest’s contribution to the debate.

“We hope it is going to be a really fascinating day out, giving an educational and entertaining insight into the life of frogs and our human impact on the planet.” said Karl Hansen, director of The Living Rainforest.

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