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UK public terrified of environmental Armageddon

The latest Hollywood blockbuster has stirred the ecological conscience of the UK public, according to recent research.

A survey by The Living Rainforest, carried out at last night’s premiere of eco-disaster movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ revealed that 67% of film fans are worried that we will see a climate-change natural disaster – such as a catastrophic tidal wave, or devastating ice storms – in our lifetimes.

Worryingly, 46% of those questioned admitted to having a poor understanding of environmental issues and only 26% said they were concerned about how their actions would affect the planet.

“It is good that Hollywood is bringing environmental issues to the attention of a cinema-going audience,” said Karl Hansen, director of The Living Rainforest. “Hopefully, the film will help people to think more about the long-term consequences of our everyday actions”

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This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 26th, 2004 at 11:26 pm and is filed under News.

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