Rainforest Medicines

This tour will look at the medicinal uses and potential of rainforest plants and animals. It will also explore what the term ‘medicine’ means to people from different cultures, and who might benefit from the pharmaceutical products based on medicinal rainforest species. This programme was developed with funding from the Clore-Duffield Foundation.

Key words: traditional medicine, global communities, sustainability, environmental change, pharmaceutical products, culture, global economy

National Curriculum links: KS2: Geography – 3g,4b,5b; PHSE & Citizenship – 2e,2j, 4b, 5a, 5d, 5g; KS3: Science (Sc 1) 1c, (Sc2) – 2n; Geography – 6e,6j, 6k; Citizenship – 1i; KS4: Science Single/Double (Sc1) 1c,d; Citizenship – 1j

Downloadable tour notes

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