plantvolunteerThe Living Rainforest receives invaluable help from many hard-working Volunteers in the following areas:

  • Animal Care – including feeding animals and cleaning their enclosures
  • Plant Care – including propagation, watering and leaf cleaning
  • Children’s Activities – including educational and arts & crafts activities
  • And more…

animalevolunteerAll applicants must be 17 or over. To apply for Volunteering or Work Experience at the Living Rainforest, please complete one of our application forms, available to download from the following links, and return to vcoord@livingrainforest.org:

If you would like to find out more about Volunteducationdepteering opportunities, please email our Volunteer Co-ordinator at vcoord@livingrainforest.org.

Please note: We also welcome Corporate Volunteering Teams via applications through our intermediary partners, Volunteer Centre West Berkshire and Volunteering Matters.


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